Capabilities & Case Studies

At Compu-Cure, we approach every assignment as though we are seeking to develop a case study about it.  Large or small, we know every assignment is important to our clients’ success.  We also know the transformative power of success, and that success is infectious within organizations.

Over the years, Compu-Cure has helped the federal government tackle countless mission-critical challenges, where success or failure of projects had the potential to affect hundreds of thousands of people.

Below is a listing of our capabilities.  Please also see selected case studies that detail how we have helped our clients transform challenges in these areas into opportunities to strengthen their organizations and operations.*

Custom Programming, Design, Development and Testing of Software

Data Storage Management

Desktop/Network Support (click for Case Study on USDA Nat’l Finance Center)

Equipment Procurement (click for Case Study on FEMA)

Financial Systems Support and Data Entry

Data Processing Facilities Management and Support

Migration of Large Database Systems

On-Site Software & Hardware Training (click for Case Study USDA Office of Inspector General)

System Design Services

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Maintenance and Optimization for High-Performance and Complex systems
Management of IBM Maintenance Services at the National Finance Center Primary and Backup Computing Facilities


The financial unit of one of our federal government clients (a Cabinet-level agency), which is responsible for processing payroll for over 700,000 employees at 140 related federal agencies, had a system backbone built and maintained by one of the world’s leading technology companies.  While the technology company had performed well for awhile, there had been a steady decline in the service quality provided by the company.

Managers at this government agency knew that dramatic improvements in its relationship with the technology service provider — and probably significant technology improvements overall — were necessary, but the prospect of a disruption in the payroll of hundreds of thousands of employees was not acceptable at all.


Working with the technology provider, Compu-Cure took the lead in optimizing, and in some cases revamping, entire systems and processes. Through this “digital retrofit,” redundancies were removed, which cut costs and increased efficiency.  Contract clauses were renegotiated, which improved delivery, turnaround and response times.

And best of all, these dramatic improvements caused no glitches or disruptions to one of the most critical of mission-critical business activities: meeting payroll.

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Data Processing Facilities Management and Support
IAS and FDW Data Migration


A Cabinet-level agency tasked Compu-Cure with the transfer for two massive databases from one remote site in Kansas City to another remote facility located in Denver.

In addition to moving over 20 Terabytes of data during this process, significant amounts of hardware and software needed to be moved and installed – all within a non-negotiable two-week period.

By way of scale, 20 Terabytes of data is the equivalent to ten years’ worth of constantly captured and stored images by The Hubble Telescope – an enormous amount.

In addition, legacy equipment and technology needed to be seamlessly integrated with upgraded systems.


Working 24 hours a day in three different locations across the nation, the Compu-Cure team was able to transfer the data, upgrade technology where required, adhere to high standards of excellence… and complete the mission with more than $100K remaining in the budget.

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Microsoft Conversion Project


As part of a strategic upgrade, a Cabinet-Level agency needed to migrate 1,800 system users from Novell GroupWise to Microsoft Exchange and Outlook.  These users operated from multiple locations, and in many cases, had large amounts of priority data stored.

Compu-Cure was tasked with effectively and efficiency managing this migration, while causing no disruption to the agency’s operations, and without compromising (losing, misplacing, etc.) the stored data.

This transfer process was required to take place weekdays after normal business hours, all night, and weekends with a migration of at least 30 user mailboxes per night.

Some user accounts had over 50 megabytes of data.  None could be lost.


With delivery mandated to a three month schedule over the summer – and during the New Orleans’ hurricane season – Compu-Cure successfully migrated all of the data, on time and on budget.  There were no failures, no losses, and no interruptions of the agency’s critical email services.

Upon completion of the project, the agency’s Chief Information Officer stated that he had never experienced a conversion of this size and scope without having major failures impact the operations of an agency under his command.  This effort was among several cited when Compu-Cure was selected as the Woman-owned Contractor of the Year in June 2009 by this agency. (See Awards Section)

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On-Site Software & Hardware Training 
IBM BladeCenter S, Acquisition, Installation, Implementation and Training


Design and install a state-of-the-art hardware system built by a leading technology provider that was intended to become the central device in accomplishing components of the mission of the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) of a Cabinet-level agency.  Following the completion of the installation process, Compu-Cure was tasked with the hands-on training of key OIG data center employees.

The mission of the OIG is the provision of audit and investigation services for this agency, ensuring “the overall integrity of payments in agency programs and the effectiveness of those programs.”  Its top goal continues to be the strengthening of the agency’s ability to implement safety and security measures to protect public health and agricultural and departmental resources.  Equally important was the expectation that the OIG would be capable of reducing program vulnerabilities while strengthening their integrity in the delivery of specific benefits to individuals.

While this may seem like a fairly straight-forward assignment, personnel changes and other internal shifts stretched the planning and implementation of this program out over two years.


In spite of two years of disruptions caused by personnel shifts on the client side, Compu-Cure held the line on pricing and other costs.  At the same time, Compu-Cure was able to maintain control of project priorities so as to ensure that completed work was not lost or replicated.

Compu-Cure is proud of this transformation from chaos to order.

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