Equipment Procurement

The NFC has business requirements to provide a secure file transfer capability between its mainframe computers and server farms to other Federal agencies and business partners. This data contains personal information that must be protected from fraud, waste, and abuse. Federal laws and regulations require the data to be secured at all times. NFC, customers, and partners have requirements to increase the security of data transfers that contain privacy information.

During the period of performance, CompuCure was also asked to manage the acquisition and installation of a flexible CPU for the IBM mainframe in the NFC’s Backup Computing Facility in St. Louis, MO., one of the two mainframes included in the analysis.

Compu-Cure Project Team members identified telecommunications equipment, encryption, file transfer, and Telnet methodologies used in the transfer of files from the NFC to other Federal agencies and business partners.

Based on the evaluation of alternatives, the CompuCure Team is weighing the results and is prepared to recommend solutions to increase efficiencies of the secure file transfer capability. We will also identify risks and provide mitigations that will be monitored through the project life cycle. The CompuCure Team will provide documentation of the considered solutions and evaluations. The Team will record the rationale of selected solutions and why other solutions are rejected. The document will include existing architecture drawings, existing applications, network interfaces, risk analysis, cost benefits, and the implementation strategy for the recommended solutions.