On-Site Software & Hardware Training

In 2007, the Louisiana Operation of the Department of Homeland Security Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) identified the need to establish a performance standard among key managers for the utilization of essential software tools, especially Microsoft Excel and Visio. CompuCure New Orleans, Inc. was selected to provide basic and advanced training in these tools. CompuCure was able to furnish:

Training deliverables – Deliverables included the classroom materials that were used by the students. Student manuals were provided in the cost of the course, and all manuals included course information and exercises relevant to the instruction. A CD-Rom was provided with each manual so that students would be able to use the CD-Rom for practice or for reference following completion of the course.

CompuCure was able to present an assortment of optional services for this and future training applications.

Focus Group expectations development – As an option, it was recommended that first level supervisors who were responsible for the proposed trainees meet with the master instructors to identify a set of performance expectations and outcomes that should be observed by as a result of the training.

Skills assessment – Both pre and post-training assessment would be available. Pre-assessment is done as part of the basic training. However, if more than minimal customization is needed, the cost and extent of customization would be determined subsequent to the Focus Group meeting described above with the first level supervisors. At the completion of each module within a course, the instructors conduct a classroom exercise intended to demonstrate the skill set acquired. In order to better prepare the instruction to be presented, a pre-course assessment can be conducted in order to group the proposed trainees according to skill levels. Additionally, a final assessment can be provided at the completion of each course that will demonstrate the skills acquired during the training classes.

Post-course skills assessment – A post-course assessment can be conducted approximately one-week after the classes are completed via on-line testing. Combining this option with feedback from managers on employee use of the new skills will help to determine what additional training may be. The training classes were delivered on time, on budget, and were rated among the most successful experienced by the Louisiana Operations of FEMA to date.