Federal News Radio 1500 AM: “TECH TALK” Broadcast – Building a Successful IT Business

Terry Verigan, VP, CompuCure | HOST john gilroy |

This week on “Federal Tech Talk”, host John Gilroy interviews Terry Verigan, vice president of CompuCure. One of the best untold stories out of wreckage that Katrina inflicted upon New Orleans is the success of a company called CompuCure.In the aftermath of the hurricane, most information technology companies were packing their bags and heading out of town. CompuCure decided to stay and take advantage of the opportunity. Verigan’s house was flooded, so he took up residence in a FEMA trailer and grew the business.After some initial success with commercial organizations, the Department of Agriculture asked CompuCure to help with a data transfer project.Listen to the interview to see how Verigan assembled his team, grabbed a SAN, and accomplished the job early and under budget.

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