Why should we trust our project to a small business? 
As a small business, we are passionate about serving our clients, because they are so important to us. There is no disconnect between departments or “silos.” At CompuCure, everyone is directly connected to the projects being executed. There is no “that’s not my job” syndrome here. Our culture is intimate and team-driven.

How does a little firm located in New Orleans expect to deliver complex projects two thousand mile from your home office?
We expect excellence in everything we do. Our teams are connected, no matter where they are. Whether it’s two miles, or two thousand miles, our teams receive they support required to achieve any and all objectives.

Aren’t small businesses more expensive and less reliable than national IT companies?
Absolutely not. The value we deliver is measurable, and unlike “mega” IT companies, nothing gets lost in the shuffle. Our clients receive attention to detail that is virtually incomparable.

If I need to buy a laptop, are you the guys I need to see?
We are not in the equipment sales business, but we can procure items for clients as required.

Can you fix my printer?
We are not in the equipment repair business, but can provide solutions as required.

You said that you are a “technology consultant.”  Just what does that mean?
We are not simply an IT firm. We seek ways to help clients use technology to improve their operations, efficiencies and productivity. We help our clients work more effectively, so we see our role as more of a strategic than a tactical one.

When I need to get started, I don’t have a lot of time to wait around.  Can you assure me of a fast ramp-up?
We operate in an “immersion” capacity. Our team members are not running from job site to job site: they are focused on individual assignments. This ensures maximum results in a short a time frame as possible.

How can a small IT firm have all of the engineers that might be needed to get my project delivered on time?
We have a scalable team of proven professionals who are always available to us. We can nimbly respond to projects of virtually any size. Many large IT firms cannot say this.