Data Processing Facilities Management and Support

The objective of this project was to establish a contract to assist the NFC in the migration of all user data from Novell GroupWise to Microsoft Exchange. During this process, the agency integrated into an Enterprise Microsoft Environment. The scope of the original Statement of Work was to perform the migration of the customers’ E-Mail boxes and archived data during this transition, and to document and provide technical solutions as needed to resolve any conversion problems. The Task Order included assisting the NFC Office Services Branch (OSB) with any technical and training issues associated with migrating approximately 1,500 mailboxes and archives to Microsoft Exchange and Outlook.

NFC’s internal office environment consisted of a mix of Microsoft 2000/XP Professional workstations running the Citrix 32 bit Client to connect to its Citrix Farm. The Novell (OS 6.X) environment provided e-mail via Novell’s GroupWise 7.X system. The then current Microsoft Environment supplied user authentication, workstation policy management via a Windows 2003 AD, application services, database services, file services, and print services.

CompuCure provided on-site support during the period of performance. The conversion of the mailbox data took place 1800 to 0600 Monday through Friday and weekends. This expectation included support during normal business hours, after business hours, and weekends as necessary.

The Microsoft Conversion and Migration Team successfully migrated over 1,500 NFC e-mail accounts from Novell to Microsoft systems – some having archives larger than 50 Megabytes – with no failures and no loss of service while working strictly after hours, seven days per week, during a three-month period over the summer. This effort was among several cited when CompuCure was selected as the Woman-owned Contractor of the Year in June 2009 by the United States Department of Agriculture.