Financial Systems Support and Data Entry

CompuCure’s Utility, Telecommunications, and Invoice Data Processing Team is a significant data processing facilities management and support services organization within the structure of the NFC. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the NFC outsourced the function to a relatively small CompuCure team in order to supplement the employees of the agency who had not been able to return. With the extraordinary success that the small initial group experienced, the Project Team has steadily increased its size to between thirteen and eighteen personnel. It currently has thirteen full time members in addition to the Project Manager.

The success of the Project Team has resulted in a continuing increase in its responsibilities. During 2008, the team processed over 600,000 transactions with no failures or major issues in spite of systems that were occasionally overloaded or had ceased functioning for brief periods. Further, the Project Manager was able to keep her team focused on their responsibilities even though a major relocation due to the potential impact of Hurricane Gustav shifted the work locations to remote sites in August 2008. There was no significant impact on their output.

The transactions managed by the team account for the payment of all of the utility and telecommunications invoices that are received as well as the processing of all expense reports generated by NFC staff. Their work includes the review of all statements for validity and appropriateness as well as the subsequent issuance of requests for payment to the correct levels of authority for the dollar values of the invoices.