Executive Team

Angelina Parker, President/CEO

Angelina Parker is an expert at business evolution and challenge transformation. Over the course of a 25-year career, Ms. Parker has managed countless projects, as well as virtually every aspect of accounting, finance and other key business operations. She routinely achieves the goals of projects she oversees, most of which are characterized by enormous complexity and urgency.

Ms. Parker has grown CompuCure exponentially since she began operations in New Orleans in 2000.  From a local IT consulting and services shop, she presided over CompuCure’s evolution into a nationally-competitive entity that has received major accolades from the federal government.

Having overcome huge challenges such as maintaining CompuCure’s operations in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Ms. Parker has a deep understanding of how organizations rely are on a proper infrastructure, a focused strategy, and great teams.  Through this understanding, she has learned how to help make good organizations great.

She received her BA in Business Management from Northwood University, and is a member of the Louisiana Technology Council, among other notable organizations.


Brandon Trudeaux, Director of Business Development

Mr. Trudeaux has spent his career focusing on ways that a company’s brand and delivery of value can be effectively fused.  With a multidisciplinary background in social media, advertising and customer experience analysis, Mr. Trudeaux is responsible for overseeing CompuCure’s brand development, market analysis functions, and sales platforms.

Serving as the firm’s representative to the New Orleans business community, Mr. Trudeaux actively engages with the New Orleans Chamber of Commerce, as well as other influential groups, including the Louisiana Technology Council

Mr. Trudeaux is a graduate of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, as well as several post-graduate marketing programs at Louisiana State University.

A New Orleans native, Mr. Trudeaux is an alumnus of St. Augustine High School, and volunteers with the Special Olympics.


Patricia Bindom, Director of Human Resources

Ms. Bindom serves in multiple vital capacities at CompuCure.  Having spent over a decade at the firm, she has been tasked with not only managing, but optimizing processes concerning top-flight delivery of service to clients as a project manager, as well as helping to preside over human resource administration and strategic operational planning.

With over 20 years of experience in project, financial and operations management, Ms. Bindom has developed a specialty at nimbly managing multiple elements simultaneously.  This skill has helped to make CompuCure a GSA-approved provider to the federal government, and a preferred one at that.

Ms. Bindom has actively contributed to the firm’s ongoing evolution, and has overseen project growth that has in many cases been two-fold or more.

A graduate of the University of Phoenix, Ms. Bindom regularly attends conferences, seminars and workshops, in order to stay current in the areas in which the firm competes.


Patsy Roussel Varnado, Director of Project Management and Quality Assurance

With three decades of experience transforming IT challenges, Ms. Varnado is one of the most-experienced technology professionals serving government clients today.

She has served in virtually every role possible in client service, from field technician, to trainer, supervisor and project manager.  With this depth of experience, Ms. Varnado is able to exercise complete command of the work she oversees; from the strategic level interfacing with management, down to the “nuts and bolts” implementation or prescribed programs.

A graduate of Louisiana State University, Ms. Varnado holds several technology certifications from Novell, and is an active member of the Project Management Institute and its Greater New Orleans chapter.


Ardel Smith, Administrative Assistant

Ardel Francois has been the Administrative Assistant at CompuCure New Orleans for ten years. A valued member of the team, she is reasonable for invoicing, as well as infrastructure and operations support.

Ardel is currently studying to receive a degree in Business Management.